Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One month down....

It has been awhile since I last posted, but honestly, not too much has happened.  The general purpose of this blog is to make you the reader laugh...and nothing really funny has happend.  However, a friend pointed out that if I'm not posting, I must not be working out.....well that's not entirely true.

I've made it through a little over a month of my training, except for last week.  Typical for me, I get sick when the season changes.  So last week it was bronchitis and sinusitis, with a good portion of lung-hacking up chunks of what looked like fancy dijon mustard.  YUM!  So in the interest of my continued breathing and living, my coach and I decided to take a week off, which really isn't a big deal this far out.

But we're back at it now, and honestly it felt good to get back in the pool and swim.  It was a shorter workout with lots of intervals...about 1500 yards (ok, shorter than the 1800 I was swimming).

See, I told you..nothing funny to report.  So I hope you enjoyed reading my (really boring) blog entry.

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