Sunday, September 15, 2013

2 weeks down, 100 to go....

I have successfully completed two weeks of my Ironman training program.  Sorry I haven't posted anything, but I haven't had anything amusing to say, so I didn't bother.  And I really don't have anything to say in this post, except I think my coach is trying to kill me.  She already has me swimming almost a this rate, by the time we get to the actual race, I'll be able to swim to Cuba and back (take that, Diana Nyad!)

The only other news is that our container shipment from Germany has finally made it to American soil, which means I'll finally have my triathlon bike, so I can ride something (faster) than my mountain bike.
Oh, and the body fat scale, so I can show you just how fat I am...<sarcasm font> YAY!!!

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