Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My first swim workout, AKA "Shamu swims laps"

Today, as the title of this post so eloquently pointed out, was my first swim workout in over a year.  After getting clarification from Coach M. on a few things (what the hell are easy odds and :30RIs?) I hit the pool with 'lil miss in tow (ok, not literally in tow, although that would be fun for her in little dinghy or something...but I digress).  She went to the daycare at the gym, which, by the way is the greatest value EVER.  $20 bucks a month for unlimited (two hours at a time) babysitting.  The only catch is that I have to actually be at the gym during those two hours....Still, I'm thinking of just taking her up there and I'll sit in the lobby and surf the 'net....or I could lift weights...nah, I'll surf.

Anyways, back to the workout.  Coach M set up my workout today for a total of 1200 yards, including a 200 warm up and a 100 cool down, with intervals of varying intensity and length in between (I'm not going to tell you my exact workouts, cuz I'm paying good money for them...but I can recommend a superstar coach if you're interested).

As I previously stated, I don't think I had swam 200 yards in the past year, let alone 1200!  But, I managed to get through the whole thing in a shade over 30 minutes...I'm sore as hell, and I think someone from SeaWorld tried to harpoon/net me, but other than that...good workout.

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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  1. Its not unheard of to see me at the pool with a magazine in my lap while my kid is in the childcare. haha