Sunday, December 15, 2013

Swim, Bike, Run, Repeat

It's the off season for triathlon, which means most triathletes take a little time off from training and let their bodies rest and recover from the season.  Since I didn't have a "season" this past year, my Coach isn't giving me an off season.

As the title of this post suggests, I have been biking twice a week, swimming twice a week and running twice a week.  My only off day is Friday, that's when me and the little lady do something fun like go to the aquarium (My gym has daycare, and she loves it).

Some stats:

I've been averaging 50 miles a week on the bike, 2.5 miles in the pool, and about 8-9 miles running.

These numbers will obviously go up the further into the training I get, but the important thing is that I'm injury free.  When I first started racing, I was constantly plagued by calf injuries, which would set me back on my running.  Thanks to our careful build up, I am running pain and injury free (knock on wood).

I've actually gained a few pounds, but I have dropped in pants size from a 38 to a 34, and the 34s are fairly loose.  I can definitely notice definition in my arms, legs and well as a skinnier face and more double chin!

My goal weight that I'm shooting for is 185, based upon my ideal weight for my height and body comp.
I expect some weight to come off once the run miles gets higher.....thinking about doing a modified atkins to help kick start the fat loss.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy holiday season!

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  1. You go Fatty-T-A! I'm working with my docs re: thyroid crap and I think they're leaning toward keto for me - which IIRC is similar to the Atkins induction phase? I've also come across a lot more about endurance athletes working to get keto-adapted... it's all very interesting! - Shannon