Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blood work

The results from my blood work came back, and they are MUCH better than my previous physical in 2009.

Here are the highlights:

2009 results:
Cholesterol (Acceptable range 0 - 199 mg/dL):   208 <-- High

Cholesterol, non-HDL (Acceptable range  <=150 mg/dL):   171 <-- High

HDL (Acceptable range  >=40 mg/dL):   37 <-- Low

LDL (Acceptable range <160):   111 <-- Acceptable Range

Triglyceride (Acceptable range  <=149 mg/dL):   302 <--Really High!

2013 results:
Cholesterol:  174 <-- Acceptable Range

Cholesterol, non-HDL:  132 <-- Acceptable Range

HDL:  42 <-- Acceptable Range

LDL:  94 <-- Acceptable Range

Triglyceride:  192 <--Still High, but much better!

My training officially kicks off on Monday, so I'm going to enjoy some Greasy Fried Food until then....

PS: I'll be doing regular weight and body fat updates as well, but seeing as how my scale is somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on a freighter, that will have to thankfully wait.  Until then, take comfort in the fact that the title of this blog is accurate.

PPS:  I should probably change it to

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